Throwback Thursday – Muranaka Bonsai   2 comments

I started bonsai in 1984 and my first trip to Muranaka Bonsai nursery was in 1986. I was amazed at the material there. Mind you I had no idea how to pick a piece of material but I had fun trying.

Some may ask, “Al, why do you show so many of your clunkers from years gone by?” That is a very good question. The answer is simple, it reminds me of where I came from. Many times I find myself stopping short lately on the keyboard when a newbie displays his first tree to turn into bonsai. I am quick to ask “why did you buy that?” I now know the answer because before this blog and Throwback Thursday, many of these pictures were on film, printed and in albums in a book-case with dust on them. Guess I need to dust the book-case. As I look back thru these albums for nuggets of humor to post I am amazed at some of the things I purchased in the name of good material.

So, with no fanfare, here are a couple of purchases from the year 1986, two years into my bonsai career. The trees couldn’t be more different. A nice Chinese quince and a Chinese elm. My wife and I of only two years were staying in a Hotel in Pismo Beach California. I was soaking in the sunset with my two new trees on the deck of the Hotel.

While the quince had some damn nice lines, I have no idea what happened on the choice of that elm. You will notice that the first thing I did when I got home was put it into a plastic bonsai pot….way cool.



Check out that ripped body and brown hair.


You all have to know how much it pains me to share this photo. You couldn’t grow a more symmetrical root Wye if you wanted to.


My wife refers to me as thumper…..lock up your women folk!




2 responses to “Throwback Thursday – Muranaka Bonsai

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  1. Must have been a good trip back in ’86 🙂 Would love to see some then and now photo comparisons for any tress you got back then to see how they come out!

    • I do not have much of anything left from the eighties. I recently sold a large foemina juniper I had since about 1987 at the yard sale. In fact the pot it was in was from Kanami Muranaka. The tree was from someone else. I have tried to sell it at the last three yard sales, and it finally sold this year. I still have a large forest of Foeminas from 1987 that need massive amounts of work, but thats for another day.

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