Crazy California – Chongo for President   1 comment

On Saturday, the seventh of Febuary 2015 my wife and I went to Santa Cruz Cali-fornia. Yes its hyphenated! One never knows what is going to be seen when heading to a Cali coastal town. There seem to be more kooks per capita along the coasts than the inland cities.

My wife tells me to turn”right here” you are not going to believe this! I turn and this thing comes into view. How could I have missed this. This is wonderful, when I retire I will have one just like it except my base color will be pink…cause you know..I like pink!

I never did meet Chongo or the future First Lady, but his ride was stylin…

I had no idea what the “Z” was for after President, until I walked around to the side and then it all became clear….OK cloudy.



I like the way this guy thinks. Future first lady… a real positive outlook on 2016.


On the previous picture you may have noticed an ominous drain tube sticking out. Here is a close up and I have no idea what this drains or why it drains on the road?????



Just in case you want to know the Party Affilliation for 2016, log this in your notes….REVIVALUTION PARTY 2016.

I know I will keep an eye out for this guy when election day rolls around. “Jolly all year long” my ass, I want what this guys smokin…





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  1. Chomgo is a Zambian name, and means shut up. He he he!

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