Repotting the Oshio Beni   2 comments

I am getting very excited as the buds are about ready to pop and I want to see what I have in the way of leaves. I did not wish to look at this plant all year long in the 20 gallon nursery container and so I decided to remove it and cut it down and replant it into an old large pot I had laying around. The pot isĀ 28 inches across.

So this is the way it looked when I drug it home.


Started by sawing branches off. This was done back in the fall when I aquired the tree.


This was final pruned product.


Today I started by whacking the shit out of the container. The roots had grown thru the drainage holes and were over an inch thick. No way that bad boy was coming out easy. I got to get all Clint Eastwood on the thing.


Don’t worry…the first thing I did was saw off that root flipping me the bird. I hacked the root ball down to about two thirds waste. What was left is now on the table and all was done by my Japanese chicken cleaver. I wouldn’t trade that thing for anyones wife. Maybe the chick in the Carl’s Junior commercial…but thats it.


So this is the tree all potted up. Now I can relax on this one…I been dreading potting this bugger. The tree stands about 40 inches tall.



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2 responses to “Repotting the Oshio Beni

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  1. Al, I love the technique you eloquently use. I have been known to whack the shit out of a few things as well! I look forward to seeing the progress in this tree. I love it!

    • Thanks, you know I love bonsai, and I do it way more than my wife would like. I try to spread my time around but man its hard. If I had a shop with heat and lights I would work on trees till 2AM every night. In July I will turn 60 years young. I don’t have the luxery of working a piece of material with much finesse. It either plays or pays…the price with death. I have no problem after this initial work that seems harsh but usualy I settle down after it snaps back. I just don’t wish to waste a bunch of time..price doesn’t seem to be an issue either. Lots of money or a 20.00 contest juniper and I attack them the same.

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