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Its been ten years since I put this Ca. juniper in the huge mica pot. I bought the pot many years ago, probably about 20 when mica pots were very cheap. I think I paid like 12.00 for this one. It is about 20 inches across and 5 inches deep. It worked well for an olive I dug and subsequently killed and so I put the large juniper in it. There it stayed for 10 years until today.

The new pot which I purchased at the local bonsai nursery, NeeHai, was available and I purchase local whenever I can. It is very nice to have a local nursery like this to buy dry goods for bonsai. I would be lost without it. The new pot is about the same size. Maybe just a tad smaller in diameter.

The big plastic pot!


The tree is out of the plastic pot first time in ten years.


Teasing out the roots. This took some time since the tree had grown a ton of roots over the last ten years. It was very healthy being grown in 3/16 lava and sand. This thing grew very hard in the soil. Much like what it is acustom to in the wild.


The tree all potted up. Probably not a finish pot, but it will look better on the stand that then the mica pot did. Now all I can do is water fertilize prune and hope the summer is not too hard on the new growth till it gets used to this pot. Over 80 percent of the rootball is intact and all I did was free the outer 20 perccent for a backfill of new soil. These Ca. junipers love to grow all confined in the pot and actually do better when root bound and compact. To free up the ball totaly is just so unnecessary and holds the tree back for years.



Posted February 14, 2015 by California Bonsai Art in Styling Trees

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