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I came across these books at the local bonsai shop. I purchased them in 1994. These books are from the 1991 printing which I think was the first printing. The books are in Japanese and although there are ten books in the series I have only five. The reason I have only five is that the ones I have are the ones I found most useful for my climate and on the trees that I find thrive in my climate.


The books I have are on

  • Needle juniper
  • Shimpaku juniper
  • Pine
  • Maple
  • Zelcova

While this does not cover all the trees I might work on, there is enough similarities between the species that it will cross over. The books are written in Japanese and read from right to left and top to bottom. All the text is in Japanese and I can’t read a lick. I have learned more from these picture books than any other bonsai book on the planet. Its not hard to see where I developed my style on how bonsai should be shaped. I tend to gravitate to these forms so much depicted by the Japanese. All the illustrations are drawn by Kyosuke and they are progression shots sometimes over many years in a few pages. There are some color pictures of the actual trees depicted in the books in the front of the book. Mr. Gun has a web site that is dated but still intersting at:

These show up from time to tume on ebay and are about $35.00 a copy. They are worth the money if you can find one in the USA as the shipping from Japan makes a copy about $50.00.

The second photo is also by Gun and is a best of with projects from all the ten books mixed in a single book. Very cool seeing some of the projects.








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