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ZZ Top

Jesus Just Left Chicago

Tres Hombres (Spanish for “three men”, meaning the three members of the band) is the third album by the American rock band ZZ Top. It was released in 1973. The album was the first of many times the band worked with Terry Manning as engineer. It was a successful combination as the release was the band’s first commercial breakthrough. In the US, the album entered the top ten while the single “La Grange” reached number 41 on the singles charts. (Meanwhile, “La Grange” debuted number 33 on the American Top 40 broadcast on June 29, 1974.) only single released from the album was “La Grange” (b/w “Just Got Paid” from ZZ Top’s second album “Rio Grande Mud”) which peaked at number 41 on the Billboard Hot 100. But on album rock stations “Waitin’ for the Bus” and “Jesus Just Left Chicago” are very popular and played as much as “La Grange”, and since those two songs segue into each other, they are usually played together.


3 responses to “Curt and Rod Presents – Blues Monday

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  1. One foot in the blues is one of my favorite blues albums…ZZ Top is highly underrated as a blues band. Almost as much as they were overrated as an 80s pop band. Give me “Just got back from Baby’s” over “Sleeping Bag” every day of the week!

    • My wife was in the music business for 15 years 25 if you count the radio station she worked for. Music is highly political. I feel that one of the most underated guitar players is Neal Schon from Journey. He has never made the Rolling Stone top 100 and has three blues albums. I would rate him at least in the top ten.

    • Your going to like next weeks pic. I bought the CD last year or maybe two years ago, anyway they kill.

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