Building a pair of box stands   2 comments

I began working on the building of two box stands. One for me and one for a friend.  In this case I traded a tree for the stand. The stand starts out as a thought.

This is a classical box stand. It is simple in design and functional. The main thing is that it feel light and not heavy or bulky.


I start ripping the plywood for the shelves. It is more stable than solid wood.


The stand will finish out at about 9 inches deep. Outside dimensions are about 32 x 32 inches.


All the wood is ripped and ready for shaping.


Thew ood is run thru the planer and taken down to thickness. The shelves will have a frame that will be thicker than the actual shelf. Looking thru my Gafu ten books shows this to be the most prevelent design. The ends show the router work complete.


I begin the tedious task of cutting out all the frames. Stop blocks in the miter saw make this much faster and easy to make two at once.


I was also able to glue up some of the boards and get them rough sanded today. This is a look at what there will be when finished. The middle board on the right has not been glued up yet so I used one from the other stand that will be used on the left. It will not overlap as much.


The work will continue tomorrow.

The next weekend I went back to work on the box stands. There is a lot of time spent on making jigs. I needed a jig to route the slot on the box side.010

Working here affixing all the parts with glue and clamps.


Glue and clamps is amazingly strong. Breaking it apart will tear the wood and not break the joint. I use a special aliphatic with five minute grab and dye all my glue a dark color so it does not show later.



The top has been affixed and now I am working on the middle shelves.


Thew hole thing is set in the sun to dry for a couple hours. I hope people pay special attention to the straightness of the legs when cross sighting. I hate legs that are all bent and out of plumb. They should also cross sight with the opposite corner leg. Just me but I think thats stuff is important.



The top blade is affixed with a 3/16 dowel into the legs.


The two middle shelves are seperated with a “S” shaped bar.


The stand is sanded with 100 paper and final sanding will take place after all the router work.



Built the other one over the Easter Weekend. Now I have two. One has been routed and can be seen as the right one in the foto in front of the couch.








027 028







2 responses to “Building a pair of box stands

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  1. Great work !
    . You are a true craftsman

  2. Wow ! Impressive.

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