Bonsai Tips with Justin Case ~ The Squirrel Foil   Leave a comment

This is a tip for those with maples and those pesky squirrels that like to come in a chew on bark and roots. A couple years ago the squirrels came in and chewed the entire nebari off one of my maples in 2013. I made a fence out of plastic canvas and back filled with round akadama. My roots grew back and now I am liking what I have. this is what the varmits did to the larger roots, chewed them right off.




Here is a pile of chewed off roots from that day.



Today, I began prepping the tree for display this weekend at the club show. The trunk is starting to show a more plate like fusing of the roots on the surface.


The beginnings of some flare is now visable in the lower trunk. Hard to believe that large scar on the right above the soil used to be a root. I can’t believe how much height the tree has made since removing those large roots several years ago.


There is this guy named Murphy. He shows up at my house very unexpectantly and lays down the law. His law will state that in these final few days I will be paid a vist by the squirrels in search of a snack. The roots will be gone and the tree will sit on the bench for another five years.

I took a full oversize sheet of plastic canvas and cut a slot and an over size hole in the middle. The hole is about an inch larger than the trunk. I also made a wire staple for securing the net to the soil.


I wrapped the canvas around the tree overlapping the cut ends to form  conical shape and secured it to the soil thru the holes in the canvas into the soil making sure I pierced a few roots. I didn’t want to pierce the roots, but hey, Murphy has my 6.




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