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It started Friday, I could hear this loud low droaning in my ears. It was something big, sounded like a B-24 or 25. Maybe a B-17. When I was a kid they still used B-17 for fighting fires here in Fresno County. I remember the big bonbers coming in low and dropping the fire retardent from the bombay doors.

Today I heard the droan again and rushed outside to look at it fly over. It was a huge Ford Tri Motor. In its heyday of the roaring twenties and thirties this was “The ” airliner of America. Pan Am flew one between Florida and Havana, Cuba for many years.

Here are some shots from Google images.



Ford Tri Motor

Trimotor 2

Here are the two photo’s I managed to capture of it flying right over my house. By the time I hear it it’s usually too far away for a good photo.DSC_00050001




Posted April 26, 2015 by California Bonsai Art in Crazy California

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