Update on the Urban Pyracantha   3 comments

I work on this tree about every 6 months. It seems it takes about that much time for the branches to gain some girth and make good sound decisions on which ones to keep and where to prune back to. Pyracanthas are not so much a tree that will develop any kind of twiggy ramification and is more like building green images with leaves. These green images are mounds of leaves which give the indication of a well ramified branch. Pyracantha’s are in a constant state of pinching and pruning noting that pinching in this case is definately with scissors. Thorns are long and will get you many time during a session. The tree are fast growing, respond well to pot culture and are pretty tough. They do like moist soil and even an hour off regular watering will show droopy and limp ends on branches. Water will perk them up in 15 minutes.

As dug 2013003

Fall 2013


Spring 2014


Today before trimming


After trimming, wire and sonme carvng on the left trunk.




Posted April 26, 2015 by California Bonsai Art in Styling Trees

3 responses to “Update on the Urban Pyracantha

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  1. Reminds me of a similar tree by BVF and his Christian Pass pyracantha, both very good trees. What colour are the berries on this one Smoke?

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