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My own mother died in 1995 at the age of 56 years young. Since that time my wife has been not only my companion, friend and wife, but also filling in being my Mother. During my recent stint with two operations from complications due to kidney stones, she took care of me and made me feel better when I felt like shit.

Today we went to breakfast with the next door neighbors and we talked over breakfast about my list of Mothers Day honey do’s I would accomplish. I came home and started washing all the windows inside and out and the screens. That’s what she wanted, well… besides the dinner out Friday night and the flower bouquet Sat. night, but I digress.

Most of all I wish to share my wife and her constant effort to try and be a part of the hobby I love so much. Who would go to Walmart and help her husband buy a pink thong and then take a picture of him just to get a laugh online?

al thong


Over the years my wife and I have traveled the state in pursuit of meaningful bonsai. This picture was taken with Lindsey Shiba’s Crape myrtle in 1999.



At same event my wife always seems to make new friends. Here she sits with Harry Hirao. Harry seems quite fascinated with this groupie worship.



Here in Sacramento she has found a fig tree. She was tickled to see small figs on a bonsai.



At a Redwood Empire exhibit she finds the large stage that looks out over the event. They have piano players or a harp, things to drink and eat and of course many bonsai magazines on the tables. She is most content just reading a good mystery.



A trip to Murayama in Sacramento was a treat. She found these California Junipers fascinating


What woman doesn’t melt over the sight of a pretty bonsai in bloom. My wife is no different.



Recently I needed a photo of a group of maples I moved to the lawn for a large group shot. She took the picture and then when I started for the house she said..hey, wait I want a picture with all the maples too. She’s so damn cute.



My tribute to a bonsai wife on Mother’s day. I love you and wouldn’t trade the last 31 years for anything. In fact lets go to Oakland next weekend and look at the Satsuki’s in bloom!



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