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I purchased this small Willowleaf Ficus from Gary Lai in Southern California at the yearly fundraiser for the Southern Collection, The Bonsai-a-thon. I picked this up for $120.00. I think it is important to list the price of plants for the general public to see how the pricing is different around the country. This also allows those selling material, what to expect when the come west to sell!

This is the ficus as purchased. Notice the deep scar in the middle of the tree from an initial chopping point.

Of course upon arrival at home I had to commense pruning the tree. I applied its first wire and waited. It did not grow. No shoots and it began dropping leaves. I have no experience with tropicals and so all I could do was nurse it through the winter and hope for the best. The tree was way overpotted in this deep larger pot.

It is now August and this day seems cooler and time to repot this thing. everyone tells me that deep summer is the time to do it and hotter the better. Well I figure 99 is hot enough…no need potting on a 110 day. Before pruning.

After pruning and deciding on placement. The scar seems much more healed now since the tree grew quite well with this humid summer we had the last month.

The tree potted up in a small Yamafusa pot. maybe not the final pot, but much smaller and fitting for such a fine trunk. I was able to pot the tree a little taller exposing more of the flare that was under the soil. Now on to refining the branches over the next few years and then maybe the best pot…who knows. I really do like this pot, I think the color works well with the trunk color and the color of the foliage.

Posted August 13, 2017 by California Bonsai Art in Spotlight on Shohin

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  1. Looking good!

  2. Looking good

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