Personal Pots   4 comments

My personal collection of Shohin pots.

American potters

Jim Gremel

Big Dave Rochester

Bob Kelenjian

Dick Ryerson

Gary Wood

Jim Barrett

Kanahiro Hamajima

Kit Boheme

Michael Hagedorn

Michelle Daugherty

Sara Rayner


European Potters

Walsall Studio Ceramics

David Jones

Horst Heinzlreiter

Asian Potters

Chinese Pottters


Japanese potters



Heian Kosen



To be named

Shimizu Masakazu


Shimizu Hideaki

To be named


Posted November 16, 2012 by California Bonsai Art

4 responses to “Personal Pots

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  1. oooh my goodness .what company to be in

    Thanks for including me

    Nice photos man. the kosan–, cream of the crop

    -big Dave

    no ryerson ?


  2. oops there is was, sorry Dick
    oh and… Dougherty


  3. Hi Dave, and welcome. I have a few more of Michelle and you. have to clean them first. I had stuff in them. Accents and stuff. Have lots more Gremel also.

    In fact I have lots more pots in general to post.


  4. Beautiful pots.


    Jack G. Reynolds

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