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It’s in the Name?   Leave a comment

Summer around the country means grilling in the backyard and straight from California comes a grillers companion. A set of dry rub spices sure to accentuate any meat willing to be thrown on the grill.

photo (16)


Says it comes from the “Big Cock Ranch” where ever that is….

photo (17)


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The Ford Trimotor   Leave a comment

It started Friday, I could hear this loud low droaning in my ears. It was something big, sounded like a B-24 or 25. Maybe a B-17. When I was a kid they still used B-17 for fighting fires here in Fresno County. I remember the big bonbers coming in low and dropping the fire retardent from the bombay doors.

Today I heard the droan again and rushed outside to look at it fly over. It was a huge Ford Tri Motor. In its heyday of the roaring twenties and thirties this was “The ” airliner of America. Pan Am flew one between Florida and Havana, Cuba for many years.

Here are some shots from Google images.



Ford Tri Motor

Trimotor 2

Here are the two photo’s I managed to capture of it flying right over my house. By the time I hear it it’s usually too far away for a good photo.DSC_00050001



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Crazy California – Chongo for President   1 comment

On Saturday, the seventh of Febuary 2015 my wife and I went to Santa Cruz Cali-fornia. Yes its hyphenated! One never knows what is going to be seen when heading to a Cali coastal town. There seem to be more kooks per capita along the coasts than the inland cities.

My wife tells me to turn”right here” you are not going to believe this! I turn and this thing comes into view. How could I have missed this. This is wonderful, when I retire I will have one just like it except my base color will be pink…cause you know..I like pink!

I never did meet Chongo or the future First Lady, but his ride was stylin…

I had no idea what the “Z” was for after President, until I walked around to the side and then it all became clear….OK cloudy.



I like the way this guy thinks. Future first lady… a real positive outlook on 2016.


On the previous picture you may have noticed an ominous drain tube sticking out. Here is a close up and I have no idea what this drains or why it drains on the road?????



Just in case you want to know the Party Affilliation for 2016, log this in your notes….REVIVALUTION PARTY 2016.

I know I will keep an eye out for this guy when election day rolls around. “Jolly all year long” my ass, I want what this guys smokin…





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Crazy California   Leave a comment

Driving the hiways and byways of California is never boring. You never know what you might find while driving. This is just a taste from the past several weeks. I store them up and then bang um out here.


So here I’m driven down the road and I see this. I’m thinking a loved one is driving by and reads this all sobbing and now she is worried her dead husbands funeral costs are going to put her in a hole. Crazy!


When I saw this I had to pull over. I snapped the picture and then started my slooth. From what I can figure out, this must have been garbage and some dude with a trailer wanted this boat off. The burn marks on the road tell me that he scratched off numerous times before the boat flew off the back….Crazy!

what the

This guy was selling bonsai by the road. I stopped and did the whole “play dumb” routine. He showed me a paper he passed out with each purchase that told of how they should be kept in the house and watered every seven to ten days by soaking the pot.

side stand

I did a double take on this one. I took it with my Iphone at about 81.3 MPH. I had no idea the magazine was doing that poorly that William Valavanis was moonlighting out west as a heart doctor.


I passed by this grove of pistachio trees. This has to be the best natural broom style ever.


Since my kidney stones, I drink as much water as I can. That means I have to make pit stops on a regular basis. I stopped for a break and had these Pyracantha in the parking lot. I figure about 50 years old at least. I would take both in a heartbeat.




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Calm before the Storm   Leave a comment

We have been in a drought for four years here in California. Tonight we are due for a big one. Catagory 1 hurricane winds. gusts up to 75 miles per hour. Expecting 3 inches of rain in about 6 hours, which for us is huge. Flooding, and mud slides are expected from all the fires this past summer.

I took this picture of my dog in front of the fire, just before I took a screen shot of the doppler radar of the storm coming in from the ocean. It is known as the “Pineapple Express” due to building steam from Hawaii.  Should be here in a couple hours. She has no idea what is coming, I am not thrilled about this.

DSC_00270001 DSC_00300002

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Crazy California, Fall edition   Leave a comment

I drive about 150 miles a day. I have jobs all over three counties and it keeps me pretty busy driving between them and checking on sub contractors, scheduling and finishing projects. While driving up and down the freeways, I come scross billboards that really make me chuckle. Some of the businesses have really put their thinking caps on to come up with these.

Happy Motoring



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Smaller home for sale.   2 comments

Today I went to the coast again. Went to the south coast last weekend and to the north coast this weekend. Came across this house for sale.

Smaller house, one bath, phone line, no running water, one toilet, power included.

I mean really, just what in the world is going on here? Heated toilet seat?




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