6 Shohin Stands 2016

These stands are pretty simple and were gifts for people that I wanted to give them to. Some were given to Steve DaSilva for material. These stands were made from dark cherry, my new favorite wood. Looks like light black walnut.

Ripping wood can sometimes take a day or longer. Figuring out what will be needed, making a list of dimensions to rip to, and cutting it oversize just enough to run thru the planer.

Legs, tops and borders. Sounds like a country song!!

The tops for these stands is 1/4 inch cherry plywood. I really like the plywood for tops, it is stable and doesn’t shrink or expand like a solid lumber top will. I have had corners split at shows when someone waters and the water heads for the groove on the top board. It gets in the corner, swells and pops. It is very hard to get it to go back.

This border was mitered for the triple miter with a set of recurve legs.

The pattern for the recurve legs. I never did finish the two with the curved legs and only built the six with the straight legs. I will be back to build some of these.

The straight legs.

I built a jig so I could make three tops at a time. I built it 3/16 inch oversize to accommodate shims for clamping the glue.

Cutting a big pile of shims. It takes eight for each hole in the jig times three for 18 shims.

The borders all glued up in the jig and putting in the shims for pressure. works very well and quick too.

Trying the tops in the hole to match up each top with the correct border. I want the space on the groove to be equal all the way around.

Glueing in the tops and clamping with a scrap for pressure.

Jigs are made for everything. These jigs hold the material upright and square while I drill the holes for the dowel to hold it to the top wit a drill press.

Holes are drilled in the tops for the decorations.

Each leg gets two holes for horizontal dowels that will make up part of the decorations.

A top mated with the legs.

Another jig and a bunch of clamps makes sure everything is square.

The horizontals are in and must be put in with each leg. There is no way to get these in later, they do not bend.

Staining them all up.

I make my own dye when doing these stands. I mix all the colors. Again, trying to look like walnut. Pretty close.

Posted December 15, 2019 by California Bonsai Art

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