Shohin Stands 2006

I hadn’t really built any new Shohin stands since 1995 and I needed to upgrade since my trees were improving and I need a larger variety of stands to display them on. Once again most of these are built from black walnut and I love that wood. It is a medium hard wood with tight grain and it sands like a dream. Able to get baby butt smooth that takes a finish really well. Not a lot of grain to fill.

The other wood that was new to me was Australian Lace Wood. It too is great to work with although the grain is more open and takes much more product to finish well. It will finally close and it looks great.

To be honest when I started this project I just made a bunch of tops, I had no idea how I was going to finish them. Building legs is the hardest part and trying to be original without being too distracting is hard to do.

This table took the most work and was made from some black walnut burl I had gotten some where. I only had enough for two tops and so only made two of the stands in this build. The perimeter of the stand is made from four sides cut out as one piece. Then the top laid in. the top is proud and sticks up a little giving an elevation of height in the display. Subtle.

The beautiful top

The two finished.

That proud top. I took one to the 2006 Shohin Convention in Santa Nella and sold it to Joanie Berkowitz of San Diego

One of my early junipers on the stand.

A look at the rest of the stands as they turned out. This one is the lace wood with my cracked ice feature. Time consuming.

More cracked ice. Very popular.

All of these stands had string tags as they were all slated to be sold at the Shohin convention that year.

This is the special one I kept…1/2. This one was actually done in December of 2005 but they all went to the convention in Feb. of 2006. I sold everything I took, right in the parking lot. I never made it into the building. I sold one and was swarmed like flies.

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