The Hoop Stand 1997

I started this Shohin Hoop Stand in 1997. It was one of the first I built after getting into Shohin sized trees. The one thing that is the same thru this whole series of stand builds in the table. I have put a few new tops on it thru the years but those legs are about 40 years old.

Started out by building the jig to receive all the strips of wood that would make up the hoop part.

Funny…I don’t remember having brown in my hair. Seems it’s always been white. The base is done and I affix the hoop to the base. As I look around in this photo I can see that I have just moved into this house. Moved here in August 1997. Lady Diane was Killed the weekend we moved in. That red rack n the background was from the other house and had part of my hot sauce collection in it. It is now on the wall where the broom is and full of spray paint.

Fitting the shelves.

Lots of sanding. I hate sanding and it is one of the least fun parts of wood working.

Stained and finished. One can see that when I said I was beginning in Shohin, I really meant it. All the other stands are tables I had built prior to this hoop stand. The bottom left stand I still use to this day. Made of Bocote, hard wood.

Posted December 14, 2019 by California Bonsai Art

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