Three Custom Stands 2010

Once again I have a need for larger stands as my collection has grown to include some rather large California junipers. I also have dug a magnificent Common myrtle from a yard that was a landscape tree. The first Kazari has happened at the Clark center and number two is well under way. I need a new stand for the Kazari. The wood of choice this go around was alder. It is a close grained wood like poplar, but has better color than gum (poplar) and takes stains better. the gum wood has too much green color in it and makes stains come out all wonky and streaked. I start out with about 40 board feet of the stuff.

All the tops are solid wood. each top is matched for grain and then biscuit joined together with glue.

The biscuit cutter makes a neat little semi circular hole in the edge..

…and it is filled with a beech wood biscuit. An oval piece of wood made from beech that swells when subject to the moisture from the glue. It makes a very tight joint and will not break on the glue. It will break, but the wood breaks, not the glue.

Here all the joints are glued and ready for mating.

Two stand tops glued and in the clamps.

I make all my tops by dadoing a grove around the stretchers that make up the border and creating a tongue on the top. When mitered and glued together it makes a wonderful top for a stand.

There are four tops ready to go.

The legs of these stands are a combination of a three cornered miter and some are glue on.

The top of a leg with two of the miters made.

The template is traced on to the leg for cutting and shaping.

Here we can see the top rail of the sub structure and a weird miter cut to make the joint for how the leg will attach. This is not a 45.

I had to make a jig for my chop saw to accommodate the weird angle of the leg.

So now you can see the sub structure with the weird miter and leg forming the three cornered miter and the top being held with a small block. The top will be attached with dowels to the sub structure.

This is the look I wish with the dowels and set in place for a look see with some sticks.

On to the other stands. This will be a larger ladder stand that is common in Japan. These are lap desks in Japan and were used for children to do their home work on while sitting on the matt. Later down the road  some Japanese fellow thought this might be a cool table to display his tree on and Voila! a new industry is born.

The other stand finished.

One of the other stand has pistol grip legs. These are cut out on the band saw.

And it finished. I am not really happy with the color and will probably refinish these later. I was going for the look of black walnut but not spending the money. I came close.

The ladder stand finished.

The maple in the second Kazari. I came in second.

Second payed a thousand dollars!

Posted December 14, 2019 by California Bonsai Art

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