Three Walnut Stands 2005

I had only worked with black walnut on a few occasions and I wanted to build me some stands for myself to display my trees on. In 2005 I was asked to do a commission for a stand for a woman’s husband for their anniversary. I had to get to work, now I was on a deadline. This is the only photo I have of building and probably more were taken but they have just slipped thru the cracks of time.

I have had certain trees in mind when I built them and want to make sure the trees look proportionate on the stand. This tree has been thru about five pots since then and looks nothing like this.

I’m not sure the current pot will fit on the stand. Look at the difference in trunk size between then and now.

This tree too has been thru a lot of changes since 2005 and still fits the stand, albeit just barely.

Looks quite a bit different from 2005.

All these stands were finished with just tung oil finish on the raw sanded wood. None were stained.

The three for me.

This stand is for an Anniversary gift to Dr. Carl Bergstrom of Washington state. Now this is the second stand I made for the DR. The first one was destroyed by Fed Ex upon delivery. Lucky I took out insurance when I shipped it and I was completely refunded for my material and labor. I was able to make another and still deliver on time. One of Mr. Bergstrom’s trees.

This stand was built after Will Heath seeing the stand posted to the internet and asking if I could make him one also. I built this one and it is shown with a tree by Vance Wood of Michigan.

In all I made six stands during this build going in for just three. I had fun though!

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