Two Heavy Legged Stands 2013

Of all the stands I’ve built, these two are my favorites. Once again I do not have one of these stands in my collection. I want one so I’ll be adding to this category soon.

Let me talk about some of the tools. Just some, there are many that I use that are more ordinary but these are more the specialty tools. My router table, and a feather board. The feather board allows the material to go one way and not kick back.

A core box router bit, which makes a concave groove on material or a concave groove on a corner.

A roundover bit which makes a rounded corner. There are many shapes and sizes of different bits.

I made this contraption for two of my tools. A planer, and a oscillating spindle sander.

Just pull a pin and I can have the other tool very quickly.

Sandpaper for the spindle sander. Makes sanding inside curves a breeze. I have many on this project.

Bandsaw blades. The thinner one is used to cut out material with sharper curves. They last a long time if you don’t cut layers off your trees covered in soil!!

I started out by making a full size template of the leg sub deck. It would incorporate triple miters at the corners.

A block of wood and another form the profile of the stand just for proportion sake.

I begin by cutting out all the legs and building the subdeck and making the miters.

Glueing up the sub assemblies.

Both corners come together at a 45 this time.

The sub assembly complete.

This is where the sub assembly is taken to the router table and the top rounded over. I use a 1 1/2 inch radius roundover bit for this.

The tops. I made two of these stands one a tad smaller for a different person. Each had trees in mind for the stands they wanted.

A quick look at the profile in mock up.

Now the top gets its edge with an Ogee bit.

The core box bit is used to make a stick with a groove for the shadow line.

Now the shadow stick is cut and glued to the sub deck.

Stand is dyed and beginning the finish.

Five coats of finish on this stand.

One of the recipients with the stand and a newly wired juniper by Kenji Miyata. This stand belongs to Chuck Nelson, and the larger stand belongs to Steve DaSilva in a trade for bonsai material from his field.

Posted December 15, 2019 by California Bonsai Art

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