Walnut Cascade Stand 2012

2012 was a prolific year for building stands. I built about 7 or 8 stands that year, and that’s a lot for guy who could only work on the weekends. This stand was commision and I built two for him but for some reason I only have photo’s of this stand. Don’t know why. I think the stand is much older and it is just labeled in my computer as 2012. I started with this black walnut board. It is not that large and the whole stand is made from this.

All the parts are cut out and assembly begins.

The stand is a two part top that I like to build and it gives the top of the stand more strength and it looks better too. Not all stand look good like this and there is a time for delicate.

The sub deck will have a triple mitered corner.

It all fits together like this.

I like to spend a little time and make assembly jigs for getting legs straight. Crooked legs bug the hell out of me.

The top has a cove bit relief at the edge…

…and the bottom of the same piece has a larger relief for a shadow line.

Getting the legs and the sub deck all glued together. I own stock in Irwin Company Clamps!

Now you can see that larger shadow line between the top and sub deck.

The sanding starts. I hate this part.

I added the cracked ice detail to this one also. The stand resides in Austin Texas.

Posted December 14, 2019 by California Bonsai Art

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