Beauty Berry 105


I purchased this Beauty Berry from Tak Shimazu at the Shohin Seminar in 2020. Tak had about 7 of them, and I chose this one for the short trunk and semi exposed rootage at the base. The tree exhibits metalic purple berries during the season and make wonderful Shohin trees for a box stand.

Because the roots were exposed I feel that rather than plant deeper I will accentuate the roots by exposing them. I repotted the plant after purchase to clean and wire the roots for later when exposing.

After cleaning root hairs and adding some wire, the entire root mass was bent into shape and planted back into the container it was purchased in.

Now inside the can, the roots wired, have been bent into this position seen in the drawing. Since I want this as a semi cascade planting, that bend is going to really accentuate the roots of this plant in a show pot.

The plant leafed out for the year.

Posted March 20, 2020 by California Bonsai Art

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