Cork Bark Elm 048


This elm was purchased from George Muranaka in the summer of 2016. It is an elm, field grown with wire embedded in the trunk. The method while detested by some, add girth quickly and build character that normal slow growth can’t add. In a few years the wire scars disappear and the tree look normal.

Here is a close up ov the rings of growth from the embedded wire in between.

With my good friend Mr Hankey!

This photo looks small but the tree is about ten inches tall.

Look! Taller than a shorty beer bottle.


Just working on branches and a new leader

By Fall of 2017 the branches on the right side of the tree just folded up. Again this could have been a tree in the sprinkler failure, I just don’t remember.

2018 was spent coaxing some buds out of the old corky bark. Sometimes the cork barks are generous with the buds and sometimes not. The first upper new branch is about two inches lower than the good one that died. You can see the scar above it. I left a stub and noticed recently that there is a bud there this year.


This is the look of the tree currently. The bark on these is super fragile and it looks as though maybe last year I knocked some loose while potting. All I can do now is glue it back to the trunk. I recently washed the moss on the cork bark with vinegar to kill off the moss. Normally I just wire brush it off with a brass brush. I would lose all the cork I’m sure if I did that.

Posted March 20, 2020 by California Bonsai Art

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