Cork Elm 009

This cork elm was purchased from George Muranaka in 2018. These small elms are field grown and wired young for movement. The wire is purposely left in the trunk to increase girth due to strangulation. The lines from the wire are visible for a few years but fade away after about year six. The trunks exhibits absolutely no branches and they will all have to be built from scratch.

The bark on these is deep and fissured and new buds popping out are from old branch removal wounds. Since there were no branches everything that popped on this plant was at the top where thin bark is still present.


In 2019 I began wiring the long shoots the come off the top of the trunk. They must be wired and brought down over the trunk like a cheap combover. This is what you get and one must work with that.

Towards the end of the year I agonized over this large root. It fills a tremendous amount of real estate covering a portion of the trunk and allowing to see under. The trunk would be way above the soil there if not for that root.


In January I looked it over and decided that the root should just be cut off. The amount of root ball on the end of the root was small and taking it off would not endanger the tree.

I planted out the offending root in a container and will grow it out as a cutting, and a new tree.

Now we can see under the tree quite well. all potted up in a new April Grigsby pot.

Leaves came out right on schedule. Lots more to come on this one thru the years.

Posted March 19, 2020 by California Bonsai Art

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