Green Maple 99


I purchased this tree from a vendor at the 2018 Shohin Seminar. I have no idea why I bought it, because the branching on it was terrible and the trunk seemed fat so I’m sure that things look better at the show than they do when you get home and the excitement wear off. The trunk was really fat at about 1.75 inches across. It was short and due to the fact that I do not have many Shohin Green maple trees, I thought this could a be a great addition. Lucky the leaves cover up all the mess and seeing it planted in the easter egg pot from April Grigsby didn’t make it any better.


It does get awesome fall color

OK, so now you get to see the whole enchilada. This is a butt ugly maple. The entire top of the tree had been cut out, why I don’t know. Probably just to reduce it. Try as I might I just could not see a good tree in this, leave alone a great tree. The tree has four secondaries that jut out at right angles to the trunk. One has to go for sure.

I decide this is the one to remove based on where it is in conjunction to the other branches.

I remove it and wire it up. Maybe a cutting from this one.

Some cloning gel.

Tree planted up for the rest of the year, or until it turns brown, whichever comes first!!

So I have a tree with three heads. Now what to do. I begin by reducing some of that bulk at the top of the shorty trunk.

It still looks like shit.

I carve a little on this side to reduce the bulk up top.

A little reducing here also.

I bend that middle one to mimic the other two and it kind of has a spooky look now.


Mow with leaves. It’s growing on me…..

Posted March 19, 2020 by California Bonsai Art

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