Mikawa Black Pine 075

This tree was purchased from Ed Clark in 2015 as raw stock. Ed has a unique way of growing out his small pines by growing a smaller container in a larger container. This keeps the original root mass small while allowing the original root mass to “escape” into the larger container. This allows for easy removal of the outside container for selling and keeping the tree in check.

There wasn’t a whole lot on the tree in the beginning to work with. But I was bound and determined to make this tree into something nice. I began by cutting all the needles in half. This stresses the plant and makes it shoot double buds

The tree budded everywhere due to the cutback. The needles can be seen with the brown ends yet longer due to the extension of Summer.

The tree was cut back in fall and wired for branch movement.

The extension was allowed to grow and would be cut back again.

Trunk almost two inches across at the soil.

Once again it is allowed to extend and will cut back in mid summer.  Shoots come out everywhere on this hard grower.

All the extensions have been cut off in the fall and the needles cut for wire. Wire is applied and branches bent into position. This is it’s first potting, 2017. It was noted that a lot of trunk was buried in the pot upon removal. I had not planned for this much trunk in my finished project. The darker lower portion of the trunk is where it was buried to.

2018 and time for another repot. I chose this Yamaaki pot due to it’s depth, which would afford me a larger soil reserve.

The tree repotted in July of 2018.

As an exercise on needle cutting I used the photo above and cut the needles to shape to show that a tree can be improved by cutting needles. I don’t advocate the cutting of needles, I do it to facilitate wire. I do know that I get much harder bud push as well as longer candles with cut needles.

Spring 2019 and all of the buds are beginning to move.

This is what it looked like in June of 2019. Good look but the foliage is too tall. I need a more rounded canopy for this tree.

This was January of 2020 and the needles cut for wiring. There is lots more for this tree to go.

Posted March 16, 2020 by California Bonsai Art

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