Pomegranate 091

2019, This small Pomegranate was purchased at the FBS yard sale from the collection Via Scott Chad of Lotus Bonsai, Placerville.
This little fella has a wonderful trunk and movement. It is small only being about 5 inches tall on the important part.

I put the tree up on the bench and got to work inspecting what I had.

I pruned for shape reducing leaders and kept a minimum to work with for next year. The roots were a dream come true on this one. Evenly distributed around the trunk, all at the same level and small enough to work with a small tree like this.

I potted it up in the roughest pot I had and only kept one branch to sprout out with in the Spring. I wired that and put movement in the first third and then just bent it up to get the sun later.

I made cuttings of everything I pruned off for stock in the coming years..

Posted December 29, 2019 by California Bonsai Art

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