Shimpaku Juniper 002

Shimpaku Juniper


This small Shimpaku was purchased at the same time as the Itowigawa. It was purchased from Ed Clark in 2016. It was grown and wired by Ed with a sort of U-Turn in the trunk. A out and back configuration that added a lot of movement to the piece. The apex came out in an unfortunate place and would have to be placed in a more suitable position to really frame the trunk. It was heavily wired and bent upon itself and under the main line iof the trunk.

Some superfluous branching was jinned at the terminus of the U-turn. whether this kind of structure will remain on the final tree doesn’t matter, it is always wise to keep everything by turning to jin now, and remove later if not needed. It is hard to put things back if removed, although I have seen it done, even in Japan. the tree now will rest for a year and grow.


The tree is now ready to have more work done to it. Lots of foliage has grown since last year, and it’s time to reduce.

Long shoots are pruned back just to see what’s going on with the interior. The jins at the U-turn terminus have been reduced to small stubs. Long jins look juvenile and should be reduced when possible. it should be a hint, not a sledgehammer.

Removal of more branching has allowed a more in depth look at what’s going on inside. The new apex is strong and many new shoots have grown there.

This view gives an idea at how the new apex was constructed. The terminus of the shoot after the U-turn was bent back upon itself and then twisted around moving up.

The view from way underneath. Most of the wire was allowed to just “bite” in to provide the holding power of the wire by allowing wood to grow beyond that of the wire. this allows the branch to “set” in the position.

Here we can see how the apex was formed by allowing the shoot to be bent below the line of the trunk to make room for the bends.

here is a good shot of the new apex with all the branches pruned back and now ready for wire.

I decided that the large branch on the right was redundant to the branch above it. The branch above was in a good position, so jinning the branch below gave me a filler of dead wood to contrast with the live foliage.

The branch above the new jin was wired and bent into position above the jinned branch. It was made to be parallel to the jinned branch to seem as though the live branch was casting a shadow

Wire continues for the rest of the tree and all thats left now is the small branches with finer wire. Mostly everything is falling into place.

The fine wire is complete and now the tree is shaped. The terminus jins have been reduced further and now they don’t compete with the tree.


The tree is finally placed into it’s new container. A Yixing container from potter Zang-shi

The tree was worked on a little more recently by working the shari onto the side of the trunk making it more visible from a front view. Again, a hint, not a sledgehammer.

Posted May 1, 2019 by California Bonsai Art

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