Trident Maple 086


I purchased these two trident maples from Bill Hashimoto. Each year he would come to Fresno during our yearly swapmeet and sell a few plants and his wife Kora would bring some pots from Japan. I would usually buy out both. The plant for this progression is the plant on the left.


Plant was growing good. taken out of plastic container and planted out in terra cotta bulb pan. The clay pans give good air exchange.


Tree has come a long way. It is time for a ceramic container. The tree was transplanted and looked great in the new pot.

During the bi-annual shohin convention in February we added my trident to the Fresno group exhibit in a box stand I made for the event.

Close up of tree in box stand.

In July of 2016 tragedy struck. After adjusting my sprinklers for a longer time setting, I forgot to turn the system back to “auto” and the system did not come on for four days while the temps soared to 106 degrees.

The tree has been limping along, and this year I missed the window on getting this tree back into a growing container. It needs some time in a big box. It’s coming around, albeit slowly. As it looks today.

Posted May 5, 2019 by California Bonsai Art

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