Trident Maple 087


I purchased these two trident maples from Bill Hashimoto. Each year he would come to Fresno during our yearly swapmeet and sell a few plants and his wife Kora would bring some pots from Japan. I would usually buy out both. The plant for this progression is the plant on the right.

This plant has not had much documentation.


In May.

The tree today. In taking these photo’s I think there are some better views of this trunk to explore later. I think with some wire and a re-position of the tree in the pot, and it will be much better.

I think this view shows the trunk much better.

Today I added a little wire to open up the view.

This view I like a lot also. We’ll see next year at repotting time.

Posted May 5, 2019 by California Bonsai Art

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