Trident Maple Semi Cascade 004

Trident Maple


This trident maple stump was purchased from a local club friend, Mike Saul. I have to be honest on this one. when I purchased this tree I looked at the trunk as an upright tree. It had a nice base and my initial thought was to cut it down to Shohin size tree. I did not wish to behead it with out something to keep the top portion alive while it budded out. I felt that if I could graft some stuff to the base I could cut it back and then would allow it to bud out and build the tree.

The approach grafts were set up and then I played the waiting game.


I lost two years in this waiting game with no graft taking. Default: semi cascade. This was plan B and I wasted no time in setting up the tree for the new idea. The shoots that would become the tail were cut back and the top was wired and bent over to become the new apex. I feel that the apex of a semi cascade should be out over the top of the dropping part. If it sits too far back, it starts to feel disconnected. Almost two trees. I want this to look like one tree and so keep the design as compact as possible.


The tree has responded well and the apex is looking like the best place. The tree is transplanted into this moonscape planter I found at the Central Coast. It was not sold as a bonsai pot, but more of a planter for flowers. I liked the shape and the color and most of all the finish.



The tree is starting to come into it’s own now. The ramification has increased and the apex is starting to fill out. One of the things that has always bugged me is the fact that I allowed the tail to be a fork. I have comtemplated cutting one or the other off. If I were to, I would probably remove the top on, by reducing it by half, wiat for buds back in and then remove fully. Time will tell for this one.


I had this pot that I purchased at a bonsai yard sale. It’s not a super great pot, but it is a glazed semi cascade, with rustic glaze, some drips and the right color.


As it looks today.

Posted May 1, 2019 by California Bonsai Art

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