Trident Maple Layer 096



This trident started as a tree dug from Steve DaSilva’s growing field. It was rather upright and had fairly good taper. I started building branches on it, but lost interest in the tree after a season or two. It sat around in a cut down five for several years until I decided to take the top off.

Wounds were sealed.

I had tried this tree the year before and the layer failed. The tree grew so hard and bridged the layer cut in the bark. I used a basket and filled it with soil.

During a routine inspection I seen that the cambium had bridged and layer failed.

It would be the layer in the middle.

The layer was now servered from the parent plant and potted in a basket to grow a compact root system. Now the more detailed training can start. Much of that will start with wholesale removal of the branches and starting over. First it will need a season to gain strength and build roots since all three of these did not build as many roots as I would have liked. I feel the size of the layer could have had a n effect on that being each of these layers is over 4 inches across at the layer point.

Posted March 16, 2020 by California Bonsai Art

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