Trident Rose Harmon 020


I purchased this trident from Ed Clark in 2014. My wife at the time was in remission and we thought the cancer was behind us. We were wrong, but on a trip to a bonsai even we ran into Ed and purchased this maple. It was a large trunk and had some good movement, but the top was funky. That would take some work.

I wired the top and branches that remained and let it grow. It has been growing for the past 5 years.


My wife died in 2017 and now I have a live in girlfriend. Her name is Rose Harmon. she is really a plant freak and like puttering around the garden always asking for something to work on. One day she asked to work on this. I told her from now on it’s your and you do all the work to it. I purchased a juniper for her earlier in the year which she also styled before this maple which is a subject here also.

I will repot this as a teacher and a student. I had her remove all the leaves by cutting petioles. Stressing the importance of reserving the buds at the base of each petiole.

I explained along the way that we would be reducing each branch to the first internode by cutting thru all three stems. the main stem (branch) and the two opposing petioles.

She still has a long ways to go here.

All the leaves are removed now and the task of pruning and cleaning up of the branches and trunk. We moved to a table and chair with a turntable to make life easier.

Clean up means getting in there and removing the collar of a shoot where it attaches to the trunk. For this we use a knob cutter. If one were to just cut the shoot off flush, the collar around the shoot will generate a hundred buds from around the old shoot. If you don’t get all that tissue by removing the collar it will continue to bud there. seal all thses cuts.

There was alarge branch here that I took out back in 2014 or 15 when wiring the top. The scar now is very large and unsightly. I had her cut it away with the knoc cutter to lesson the large visual impact.


Same thing is done all over the tree.

The original front, but not very pleasing on the eye. It may some day, but not this day.

Another idea.

At this time, this is the best view of the trunk and the branching as set years ago. I will help her from here out when needed and check back soon to see how things are shaping up.

Posted May 3, 2019 by California Bonsai Art

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