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13 Months ago I acquired this cork elm from a growing field. My friend Steve DaSilva had grown this out from cutting in about five years. The tree has a 3.25 inch trunk and is 20 inches tall.

This is the progression over 13 months. There is a double set of bar branches up top that I will deal with during the summer when the tree is more dormant. Right now I just want to get as much strength as possible before I cut anymore on the tree other than trimming. Cork elms are notorious about just up and a branch die for no reason. I just know when I make the decision to take off two, one of those left will croak. I have dealt with my friend MURPHY before.










After some pruning and removal of long shoots. Basicly this is just a hedge pruning.


This is a virtual of which branches I would take off. The upper one on the left in the apex portion would be bent down to help fill the void. Maybe not as much as I have shown here but more gradual. The trunk can also be carved after the left bar branch is removed. Right now it is an unsightly bulge because removal of wood here would kill that branch. With its removal, it wouldn’t matter. This tree would benefit from some flare at the soil line and that can only be accomplished from growing on a flat hard surface. That will be the plan after I get a good root pad from this colander. It has some good surface rootage that I was able to expose when repotting this season into the colander.

virtof elm

After a year or two and a little filling out, branch refinement can take place. I’ll be back end of 2015 to compare this virt and where I am with the tree.




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