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Repotting the Clump in a Basket   Leave a comment

The clump I started last year has fused at the base in one season. I started out with five cutting thru one hole with nary any space for the cutting so fusion was a no brainer. Now this year I need to bulk up the tree at the base as well as start to come up with some kind of trunk out of the mass of cutting I poked thru the hole.

This is the tree today before the work. All of the trees doubled in size, which is not to say much since they were as big as a match stick and now they are as big as a pencil.


The basket had been sitting on the soil in one of my planters so that the weekly sprinkler would water it. The roots grew right out of the planter and into the ground.


It wouldn’t come out of the pot so I had to cut all the roots flush with the bottom of the basket.


Once it was unpotted I was able to wash away the soil and really look at what I had. The roots had grown over the edge as I suspected they would and they were about half the size of the trunk. I was missing a few roots on one whole side though.


I cut back the large roots to the edge of the tile. I might have wished I cut them a little shorter as next year I may have to do this all over again. Also take a look at the tree at 9 o clock and three. the both have a bud down real low. Both buds face inwards. Since I started this project with all the trees thru the tile, I have no central tree to use as a main tree with a flared base. My original intention was to make a clump style but starting with trees all the same size is probably not the way to do it.


Here is a nice view of those two buds.


Here are the two trunks chopped back to the buds. I seal them well and they should grow very hard this year.



This clump is also grown out in pure agricultural pumice. This is natural volcanic pumice and stark white and a little smaller than the growstones. I turn the tree over and pack the bottom roots full of pumice using a chopstick. Since I didn’t cut the rim off the saucer when I did this, there is a pocket of sorts that the original roots grow in. I just need to make sure I have plenty of soil in there with no dry spots or cavities with no soil to dry the roots before they grow.


It is turned into the pot and then I refill the top with last years medium which is my base mix of half lava half pumice.


These are close ups of the two trunks that will be possible candidates for keeping for a single trunked tree depending on how they grow this year. Both have kionyl type sealer on them.



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Colander or Colonder?   2 comments

It must be Colonder because my Smart Ass Wife says I have my head up my ass and these will not work cause “these “pots” are full of holes and the soil will just fall out”.

Hah! just go back and take another nap and let me do the growing of trees. She is so helpful that way. I went back to the Super Asia Market and bought another load of baskets for all the projects I have with tridents this year.

The pink baskets I bought last week. This week I bought the larger ones and the smaller ones.


The green ones are 12″ x 3.5″, pink are 14″ x 5″, first blue is 18″ x 6″ and the big one is 23″ x 7″. I have no idea what I am going to put in the big ones yet. I think Frokensteen will go into the smaller of the two big ones.


I wish to talk about volume. A five gallon bucket filled to the brim holds 80 percent of a cubic foot. Most bagged soil amendments are sold by the cubic foot on the bag, sometimes it is in dry quarts or similar. The nursery container called a five gallon can at the nursery holds 3.5 gallons. It is pretty close to holding a half a cubic foot. The bucket holds my base mix, pumice and lava 50/50. To this I add the akadama. and sometimes huyga.


I put the large blue basket in my wheelbarrow and it barely fit. I poured in the contents of the bucket of mix and it came within two inches of the top leveled out.



On top of that I placed a bag of akadama. A bag of akadama contains half a cubic foot of material. I figure that this container will hold two bags of akadama easily, or about a cubic foot of soil. Thats a pretty big basket.


This is how much white space was left after pouring the bag of akadama into the bucket.


Oh I remember now. I know just what I am going to do with the big one. Savin that for a future super duper project.

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