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This year has been a problem. It actually is a problem that is good to have. I have too many plants in training. I ditch them where ever I can, in between larger plants, on top of the soil of larger plants, on the ground, where ever. Today I built 16 feet of shelving on the fence and over the next few days will continue to build an even larger shelf for larger plants in training. All the stuff on the ground will move out for the new larger shelf. Seed trays will be stored under the larger shelf.

Posted February 16, 2020 by California Bonsai Art in Repotting, Trees from Seed

4 responses to “Making Room

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  1. yea i had the same type problem then the camp fire in paradise ca. came through and in one day i lost over 500 plants .now down to 0. i have enjoined your post for many years. sorry for your loss my wife has ovarian cancer and it has been rough.. Bruce Muhlbaier


    • Did you get any of the stuff from Ron Anderson, I took a huge donation to him from Fresno. Steve DaSilva and I sent lots of stuff. Books, Magazines hard goods and plants. Cancer is rough, I don’t wish it on anyone. Hope all is well, and recovery is an option.


      • yes thank you i got some tools, magazines pots and some plants including a trident maple that has like an inverted v root, was that from you. looking for a rock i can fit in the v. have a pile of lace rock that may have something that can be used .


  2. Don’t remember. Took a good load though. Hope you are able to rebuild your collection though.


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