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The seeds are doing fine so I thought I would show some more of my ace in the hole. Many years ago I started some pine seeds and used this trick. Many came up and worked but I lost all of them due to fungus, dampoff, birds and critters. First, since they are coming up now and I have critters and birds and stuff not to mention it is still cold at night, this sterlite bin turned upside down works great for a mini green house. Fits right over the pony pac flat I planted the seeds in. Keep in mind there are a hundred seeds in there.


The seeds are about an inch or so tall and now is the time to stop their verticle tendancies.


I do this with a piece of window screen. This screen is round because I use it in my sifter for getting out the last bit of dust when I make topping for in between moss when dressing a pot for an exhibit.


On top of that, I just use one of the screens from the sifter to help weight it down. The seedlings are small but pack considerable punch and are able to just lift the window screen if it is not weighted down. In a couple weeks I will be able to show you what this does. It is amazing and really a miracle of nature.



Posted February 5, 2013 by California Bonsai Art in Tridents from Seed

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  1. Ok Al, we’ve been patient! What’s the secret behind placing the screens over the seedlings? Mine are just coming up so I gotta know!

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